Effective in January, 2015, I will limit the time that I spend on service to one day per week. If you are interested in service, please send an email and I will let you know when I might be able to schedule and perform the work. Please include your name, brand/type of instrument, and a description of the problem/service requested.

Set Up  Most Six String Guitars & Electric Basses      $60
Set Up  Banjos, Mandolins, Twelve String Guitars, Locking Trem Guitars      $90
Make & Install Compensated Bone Saddle    $45 + Set Up
Make & Install Bone Nut    $65  (Twelve string guitars, mandolins $90)  + Set Up
Level & Dress Frets    $60 - $90
LR Baggs Anthem System $299 plus Installation
Consultations   $90/Hr.  1/2 Hr. minimum 
Certificate of Appraisal    Typically $60 - $120, based upon time to research comparables